Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Do I hate wot I think I hate?

I had always thought that I don’t hate Physics…. yeah really. And that was mainly because I thought I cud get the feel of it…I cud understand it to some extent. I mean I cud get physics through my mind better than the other subjects. My friends hated physics and I wud always wonder why do they do so? Today I know exactly why physics is to be hated, just today.
The day my promotion exams started I knew I was struck! The physics exam had some six holidays. I knew I cud do every thing in that time…but I was wrong. I managed not to study for the whole five days. The last day before the terrible day came and I knew now itz time to get prepared not for the exam but for wot will come after the exam. I tried my best to do every thing inn just one day…to cover everything that was done in one year. And that I knew wasn’t possible. But still I dragged myself on thinking I cud do this n that. Everything yes everything! I picked up one book after another thinking it was no big deal...reminding I don’t hate physics. I slept late at abt 4 o’clock in the morning. Yes, I told myself, I had managed to study enough. Although the butterflies in my stomach were making me sick. The thought came to me again n again…can u do it? I made myself believe I cud…I told my self physics was nothing more than being inttelegent and being able to apply everything that I had ever learned.but really was it just that.
NO.I had been never more wrong. It was more than that. It was to be punctual all along the year. It was to have practiced more and more. I was completely fear stricken. I saw the invigilator coming over to me with the exam sheet…. hey couldn’t I just disappear. I wished I cud melt rite there…ooooo there has to be something to stop the invigilator give me that exam. Like me fainting n never waking up. She was too close now. No chance of escape. Now my fear turned into anxiety…now the exam was on my table now I was opening it…oh…why didn’t I study? Now I regretted n decided I hated physics like hell! Yes physics was something brave people cud handle not someone as me…ok.
I took a breath of fresh air. Told myself, Mudasra there has to be a way. I started reading the questions. I knew which formula wud be required to solve this problem…I knew I had read it on the page 54 of the book, I knew my physics teacher had said that this was so important. I knew it that my friend was memorizing it in the morning, BUT the problem was wot real was the formula???
I had managed to study everything in one day n everything had got muddled in my mind. Now I was wondering….
Still wondering.
‘Ok, students put Ur pens down. Exam time over.plz tie Ur papers.’
This sentence struck me like hell…ohmy…I will flunk! Was my last thought when the paper was taken away from me? I saw the invigilator leaving me and taking my paper…hey can’t something happen…wot if she dissapear, melt…huh! No she put the papers in the packet n left. Over!
I wud never face my physics teacher again. Wot I had done was this that I had jumbled up the n Newton will die of shame that I had actually made 2 theories 1.Never mind.hey the papers might get lost.hahhaha rite I never gave it a thought.
And I have decided I hate physics.
But now the problem is…do I hate physics more or does physics hate ME more???
I will try answering that as now I have to go and pray that may the papers get lost (AMEEN)J

Sunday, April 07, 2002

Real love, I’ve learned is a very, very strong form of forgiveness. I don’t think people yearn for love because they hate staying home alone on Saturday night or because they dread going to restaurants alone. People want love because they want their taped-together glasses or extra kilos to be forgiven. They want someone to look past the surface stuff like bad-hair days, a too loud laugh, or potato chips crunching in their living room couch when any one sits down!!!!

(Quoted by: Lois Smith Brady)
Edward de Bono quotes,
The need to be right all the time is the biggest bar to new ideas. It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong than to be always right by having no ideas at all.

Judith Martin says:
We have two regulatory systems: legal and etiquette.
The legal system prevents us from killing each other.
The etiquette system prevents us from driving each other crazy.
Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue.
Roger Anderson.

To love n be loved, is to feel the sun on both sides!!!!
a very good website for islam .

Saturday, April 06, 2002

okie so wuts up....the physics teacher says i my grades are going down the drain...but the big deal in that????my grades are always going down the drain"LOLLzz
life is getting soooooooooooooooo boring!!!! itz been soooooooooooooo long since i slipped or got a frog on my hand...